Overwatch Update 2.12: Minor Patch Now Live On PS4 [Updated]

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Overwatch Update
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Update: Blizzard has now revealed why they rolled out an Overwatch update 2.12. According to the game’s community manager, the Uprising event concluded earlier than expected. The patch was released to address this issue, enabling players play the Uprising Brawl, purchase Uprising cosmetics, and obtain Uprising loot boxes again. The Uprising event is now officially scheduled to end on May 2 at 5 PM EDT. Original story follows below.

Original Story: Those who logged in on Overwatch today got a surprise as the game has a new version waiting to be downloaded. Players are downloading the new version currently but they’ve yet to know what the update does. Overwatch update 2.12 on the PlayStation 4 isn’t a major update and it’s a short download, but players are expecting a few changes in it.

Overwatch Update 2.12 File Size

The new Overwatch patch is a measly 86.12 MB download only. From the looks of it, it’s just a minor patch and it’s definitely not going to add something new to the shooter. Players are speculating that the patch is a hotfix for a bug. It could also be readying the end of the Uprising event which is due to conclude on May 1.

Patch Inclusions

The 86.12 MB patch could include a bug fix and a few players, including Redditor jambonetoeufs, are hoping that it would have the fix for Symmetra’s Teleporter bug. However, that isn’t the case with Overwatch update 2.12 as Symmetra’s useful teleporters are still clunky like the past version.

As of now, a bug causes Symmetra’s teleporters to turn invisible. It’s a helpful bug for the team using the teleporters, but the other team are at a huge disadvantage with it since they cannot see the teleporter that the other team is using. Players are hoping that Blizzard will resolve the issue soon but 2.12 isn’t the update to solve it yet.

Players are also wondered if downloading patch 2.12 will officially put an end to Uprising and will see its items removed from being purchasable. However, upon getting the update, players can still purchase the Uprising skins and engage in the PvE missions. There’s still time to get the other skins so players should do a few Uprising missions and some last minute shopping. After the event, players can no longer purchase the Uprising skins and they’ll be locked out from getting the Uprising event loot boxes.

Blizzard is yet to reveal the patch notes regarding the recently released update, but players should expect to see it soon. It’s very likely that the update is just a simple tweak or a fix to a bug in the game and we’ll have to wait and see what Blizzard did with the recent game version.

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