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Overwatch Update 2.09: Patch Highlights Aside From Insurrection PvE

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Overwatch Insurrection
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Blizzard recently launched a huge update for Overwatch and it adds a great deal of new changes to the game that players should take note of. Aside from the Insurrection PVE mode, Overwatch update 2.09 has a few other things that would overall revamp the gaming experience. Here are the other highlights in the new update aside from the exciting PVE mode.


One of the neat changes coming with Overwatch update 2.09 is that the lore and background story of the heroes will be viewable from the Hero Gallery. This is definitely a step towards Blizzard’s promise of a more story-based content for the shooter. Another change coming is that the in-game voice conversations for the new event can be displayed as subtitles. To do so, players can enable it under the Sound tab in the Options menu.

Competitive Play

There is one major change in Competitive Play in Overwatch update 2.09. After the update, there will be a new tracking system added to Assault and Assault/Escort Maps to easily break ties between teams.

“This will work similarly to the system that’s already in place for Escort and Assault/Escort maps, which grants a win to the team that pushes the payload the furthest. Now, even if neither team successfully captures the objective, a winner can be determined based on which team captured the largest portion,” says Blizzard.

Custom Games and Game Browser

Moreover, players will have an easier time playing their Custom Games as they can now save presets from the game’s details page. Another addition to Custom Games in Overwatch update 2.09 is that players can now also customize the weapon clip and magazine size of the heroes.


Only Eichenwalde will be affected after the update. Once players get the update, there will be a new route added to Eichenwalde and it will connect the attacking team’s spawn area to the capture point.

Hero Balancing

Aside from bug fixes, Overwatch update 2.09 also introduces a few new tweaks to Orisa and Lucio. Orisa’s only change was that her head hitbox was decreased by 15 percent. As for Lucio, Blizzard did quite a number on many of the Support’s stats. Some of the changes include 25 percent increased damage for Sonic Amplifier as well as increased projectile speed. For the full list of patch notes, check out Blizzard’s official post here.

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