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Overwatch Update 2.08 Brings Back Capture The Flag Mode, Full Patch Notes For PS4 And Xbox One Released By Blizzard

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Overwatch Update 2.08
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Recently, Overwatch update 2.08 went live on PS4 and Xbox One, featuring reactivation of certain game modes, character nerfs, and general game fixes. The patch is around 300 MB large. Here’s what we know so far about the latest patch on consoles.

Capture The Flag Mode is Back

As seen on the patch notes posted on the official forums, the Capture the Flag maps and modes are now playable again as of Overwatch update 2.08. Prior to the patch, console Overwatch a player’s character would go invisible during Capture the Flag matches. Players on Ulvi83’s thread in the official forums said this bug broke the game with an indefinitely stealthed character. Players can try if this bug will still persist in the latest patch.

Character Nerfs and Buffs

The new Overwatch update 2.08 features a nerf for Orisa. The developers originally intended Orisa’s primary fire to slow her down. However, players found a trick to bypass this by repeatedly jumping while firing. Jumping while shooting also doesn’t hurt her aim due to her primary weapon not having any accuracy penalties. Blizzard fixed this by also slowing Orisa down when she shoots while jumping.

Meanwhile, one of the sniper characters in Overwatch got buffed. Widowmaker’s primary fire, Widow’s Kiss, got its ammo capacity increased from 30 to 31.

Console Bug Fixes

Overwatch update 2.08 now allows players to use background music while playing the game. Applications like Spotify can override a game’s BGM to give way for the player’s choice of music as they play on. Lastly, erroneous Damage Amplified display value has also been fixed in this patch.

Fan Reactions

Meanwhile, players on RogueFlash’s thread on the Overwatch subreddit discussed the console Overwatch update 2.08 patch. Reddit User BakedKramer said that Sombra’s Boop emote seems to be broken. The patch also seemed to appear to be 17GB at first when it’s actually just 303MB. Players aiming to download this patch won’t take that long even with slower connections.

Overwatch so far

Currently, Overwatch’s 24th hero, Orisa, has been released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The new tank character brings a protective and supportive skill set that helps players position better as well as set good ultimates. However, players can’t use her on Competitive Play yet. The developers explained that they want players to try her out first than jumping directly in the ranked game mode.

Orisa left a strong impression on the test servers. Orisa can easily hold choke points with her abilities, if played right. Once the Orisa Competitive Play ban is lifted, she’ll be sure to make a great difference in matches and players will be familiar in managing her strengths and weaknesses. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on TheBitBag.

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