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Overwatch Update 2.02: Oasis Map Now On Live PS4, Xbox One, And PC! Patch Notes Fail To Mention Bug Fixes

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Overwatch Update 2.02

Recently, the Overwatch update 2.02 has just been released on the game?s live servers on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new patch includes the Oasis map that?s been promised to roll out this early 2017. However, the new map is all that?s listed in the Overwatch 2.02 patch notes and no bug fixes or character changes have been mentioned. Here?s what we know so far about the recent Overwatch update.

One Map as Patch Notes

As posted by the game?s community manager on the official Overwatch forums, update 2.02 only brings the Oasis map. No bug fixes and characters changes listed in the patch. At best, players won?t find any game-changing tweaks in this January 3 patch.

Oasis Map Brings New Layers Of Gameplay

Previously, the Oasis Map has long been in the game?s test servers last 2016. The map has been promised to be released this early 2017 and here it is. Oasis is a control map that features map gimmicks like pitfalls, fast cars in highways that can kill players, and jump pads. Players could also check the map out in Custom Game if they want to find some unique routes and good sniping spots first.

Potentially, the Oasis map may give way to reveal a new character for Overwatch. In the lore, Oasis is an Arabian City filled with scientists that wants to push the boundaries of science. The next Overwatch character could be a scientist or at least a citizen to represent the place. So far, Pharah and Ana have Middle Eastern origins in the game.

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No Bug Fixes or Changes

As seen on the patch notes, no bug fixes or character changes can be seen this patch. This doesn?t mean that this current build is perfect as it is. Overwatch developers may just really want to release the Oasis map. Fans may want some nerfs towards strong characters like the reworked Symmetra or a buff for the less picked characters. Players can just casually return to the game without adjusting their playstyle to any change outside the Oasis map.

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