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Overwatch: Everything We Know So Far About Doomfist, Bria, And Ivon

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Overwatch Update
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Players of Blizzard’s team-based shooter are in for a treat this year as an insider previously revealed three new characters coming this 2017. We already have a small idea of who these three heroes are and all that’s left is to wait for them to arrive.

The insider not only revealed that there are three new heroes coming to Overwatch, he also gave an idea on their appearance and how they might play out. The three characters are Bria, Ivon and Doomfist.


Doomfist is the first of the three new characters to come this year. According to the leak, Doomfist will be rolling out into the PTR within the next few weeks and he’s one of the stars during the anniversary of Overwatch. We’ve been hearing about Doomfist for quite sometime and it’s fitting that we finally get to see him.

The leak notes that Doomfist will look like a character from Gears of War. Before this leak, another alleged insider also revealed a few details regarding Doomfist. The upcoming character will feel like a combination of Tracer and Reinhardt. He also has a charge attack like Reinhardt but like Tracer’s Blink, it needs to be charged. The insider notes that Doomfist will have a high skill ceiling so it might take a while to master him.


The recent leak notes that Bria will be one of the smallest heroes in the game and her main concept would be a teenager with a steampunk getup. Bria will have a wrist computer and there’s a good chance that this gadget will be the source of her abilities. We’ve yet to know what she can do with the wrist computer but the floor is open for unique skills like the ability to summon Omnics or air strikes.


Ivon is in the early stages of development but he’s already beginning to take shape. This new character is apparently an elderly man clad in a suit. He’ll be wielding a suppressed pistol as his primary weapon but his skills might be coming from the tablet that he holds. Looking at his weapon, Ivon might be a stealth hero and his tablet could help out in his hiding capabilities.

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