Overwatch Symmetra Rework Indefinitely Delayed?

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Overwatch Symmetra

Recently, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan stated that they?re keeping Symmetra in the Public Test Region (PTR) for more testing.?Blizzard Entertainment may want to fix game-breaking glitches and exploits that the rework made possible. Until then, is the Overwatch Symmetra rework release indefinitely delayed?

Extended PTR Time

According to Kaplan?s post on the official Overwatch forums, they want to keep the Overwatch Symmetra rework in the test servers at the moment. This means that the rework still needs some tweaking to avoid it ruining the live server gameplay. However, Kaplan didn?t specify the problems with Symmetra.

Potential Problems

Overwatch players have already been finding ways to use Symmetra?s new abilities in the game?s test servers. Some players even found bugs that could be game-breaking. Potentially, these bugs could ruin the upcoming Competitive Mode Season 3 if Symmetra is released now.

As seen on PV Plays? video, players can indefinitely stack Symmetra?s new Photon Barrier ability towards the sky to crash the game?s servers. Photon Barriers do not have any expiration duration and will continue to move forward as long as there is space. Potentially, players can indefinitely stack Photon Barriers towards the sky and crash important games like Competitive Play. Due to the new update, there can only be one Symmetra per team, but that?s enough as long as Symmetra can find a safe spot to shoot barriers into the sky.

Additionally, the new Overwatch Symmetra rework has a glitch with the Photon Barriers which can let Reaper walk on air. Potentially, this can open new routes for Reaper to approach people or contest the skies. They just need to wait for the Shadow Step to cool down to get back on the ground again.

Symmetra Rework Release Date

Potentially, the Overwatch Symmetra rework could be released when Blizzard Entertainment fixes exploitative tactics from her abilities. We?ll have to wait until the next PTR patch notes to see if she?s ready for the live servers or more tweaking is needed to avoid game-breaking tactics from her. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on TheBitBag.

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