Overwatch Symmetra Redesign: Three More Turrets, Two Ultimates, And More Changes

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Overwatch Symmetra redesign

Game Director Jeff Kaplan recently announced the Overwatch Symmetra redesign aimed to tweak her abilities to encourage players to use the character. Symmetra received a second ultimate, three more turrets to her stock and other changes that make her stronger and easier to play. The new Symmetra changes are also playable on the game?s test servers on PC. Here?s what we know so far about the Overwatch Symmetra redesign.

Symmetra Major Rework

In the official Overwatch channel?s video, Kaplan explained the Overwatch Symmetra redesign?to encourage regular Symmetra use rather than a situational use. Symmetra mostly covers allies to save long walks and clutch the objective in Defense. Symmetra players mostly switch to another hero once they lose a point. Additionally, Symmetra picks in Control maps and Offense teams seem to be an extremely unorthodox tactic to pull off correctly. Overwatch developers want to fix that situational Symmetra gameplay by reworking her skills and adding new tools to make her viable even in holding the last point.

Patch Changes

According to the recent Overwatch PTR Patch notes, the Overwatch Symmetra redesign gave her a second ultimate, new E ability, and general buffs to her existing abilities. Symmetra?s new ultimate allows her to choose between Teleporter and the Shield Generator. The Teleporter works the same way but is significantly more fragile at 50 Health. Meanwhile, the Shield Generator can be installed to provide Shield Health in its effective area and even provide it through walls. Potentially, players defending the points could use Symmetra?s new ability to her advantage. If it proves too strong, the enemy team may have to send somebody to find and break the Shield Generator to properly contest points.

Symmetra’s E shields were replaced with a slow moving barrier that can be used as a mobile cover for defensive and offensive uses. Lastly, her primary fire range has also been extended slightly but still makes her a close-range fighter.

Live on Public Test Region

Currently, players can experience the Overwatch Symmetra redesign in the game?s Public Test Region. If you?re on the PC, you may want to check out if the redesign is a significant change or not. The reworked Symmetra would last a week in the PTR, similar to the?new hero Sombra before she got released.

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