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Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Confirmed In Datamine, Lucio Ball Return Still Uncertain

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Overwatch Summer Games 2017
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Dataminers have found Overwatch Summer Games 2017 icons in the latest test server update. At best, this heavily hints that the next event is indeed another Summer Games. However, none of the datamined files confirm any hints about the return of the Summer Games exclusive mode, Lucio Ball.

Datamined Icons

According to the official Overwatch subreddit, the dataminers found five player icons. The five icons are flags that represent New Zealand, Antartica, Spain, India, and Iraq. The first Overwatch Summer Games also included icons of many countries that were in the 2016 Olympics, and they all matched Overwatch character’s home country. Potentially, these new flags still hit important areas relevant to the Overwatch story, like an Antartica flag for Ecopoint: Antartica and the Spanish flag for Watchpoint: Gibraltar. However, Blizzard may still use these flags for a different event as these national symbols cover much more than representing countries for a sports event.

Overwatch Summer Games

Since its release, Overwatch’s first event was celebrating the 2016 Olympics through the Overwatch Summer Games. The event featured Olympics-themed cosmetics and had many country flags as a Player Icon. The next 2020 Olympics is going to happen in Tokyo, which somehow encourages Overwatch to repeat this event in the next four years. However, the datamined files does hint of an Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event. If the next event follows the same release of the first Overwatch Summer Games, we might have this event in August.

If it really is an Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event, it confirms that Overwatch does repeat events for its fans. Other events like Halloween Terror and Winter Wonderland could happen again. Some Overwatch players may have missed the event or some of the exclusive cosmetics that they want to get back to. It’ll be comfortable for players to know that they can get any event-exclusive skins, emotes, or voice lines again.

Lucio Ball’s Return

Even though the datamined icons hint about an Overwatch Summer Games 2017, no clues about the Summer Games-exclusive game mode’s return in these findings. The Summer Games’ Lucio Ball is one of Overwatch’s non-combat game modes where players are restricted to teams of Lucios and playing football in Estadio das Ras. The game mode played similarly to Rocket League, but was watered down due to Lucio’s movement constraints.

Hurting enemy players in this game mode was impossible, unless a bug was triggered. Bugs allowed other heroes to invade Lucio Ball and cause havoc in the area. They can kill enemy Lucios, which somehow breaks the game mode’s balance. Until Blizzard announces anything official, we can only hope for Lucio Ball’s return.

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