Overwatch Sombra: Voice Actress Confirmed?

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Overwatch Sombra

Recently, Overwatch fans and players found the potential voice actress of Sombra. The voice actress is speculated to be of Mexican descent, similar to the game character herself. However, Blizzard Entertainment hasn?t announced official details about Overwatch Sombra yet. Is Sombra?s voice actress confirmed?

False Alarm

According to Empty String?s thread on the Overwatch Reddit, Brigitte Kali is speculated to voice Sombra in Overwatch. Kali was previously cast as Alejandra in the ?Hero? Overwatch animated short, the Mexican child in the video. Technically, Kali?s work as Alejandra makes her an easy fit for the Mexican hacker in Overwatch.

However, other fans are cynical about the gathered data in Empty_String?s thread. Fans note that image manipulation is easy in the net. Overwatch?s casting on IMDb only lists Kali for her Alejandra role and not Sombra.

Hot Clues

Despite the false info found on Empty_String?s data, a Twitter post hinting Kali?s potential involvement in Overwatch does exist. If this is true, Kali may also be under a nondisclosure agreement with Blizzard Entertainment for her next role. However, we have no evidence to exactly link her to Sombra.

Previously, Charlet Chung revealed her role as D.Va on Facebook after her character?s trailer was already released on YouTube. We might only be able to verify Sombra?s voice actress after her trailer gets released.

Additionally, Kali also posted a picture of herself doing voice work last July 15. During this time, Ana was just implemented on the game?s Public Test Realm (PTR). It?s possible that it could be her voice work as Sombra or role reprisal as Alejandra for another Overwatch short. It?s also possible that it might not even be connected to Overwatch Sombra at all.

Long Way to Go

For now, players are already tired of the Overwatch Sombra mystery. Currently, the ? related to the Sombra mystery is just slowly ticking to whatever Sombra information it may reveal. Fans are just waiting now for Sombra?s implementation in the game.

Currently, Sombra doesn?t have a release date on the Overwatch PTR yet. She might be released late, but not before the Overwatch Season 2 of Competitive Play. New characters often shift the balance of the game heavily, so we can only wait for her inclusion in the game.

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