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Overwatch Sombra Update: New Hero To Join Free Weekend?

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Overwatch Sombra

Several gamers are now hooked with Blizzard?s Overwatch. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world today with more than over 20 million registered players. If you aren?t part of this population yet, you have a chance to experience the game for free!

Blizzard intends to have a free weekend for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 users from November 18- 21. This is your perfect chance to try the game and learn why more than over 20 million players have gone crazy for it.

Another great news is that the wait for Overwatch fans for Sombra to be released is over. The new Overwatch Hero is now available to play on PC. This is in relation to the Overwatch PTR (Public Test Region).

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What Do You Need To Play?

If you are an Xbox One user, you must have a Xbox Live Gold account to play. PS4 users, on the other hand, need a PS Plus account.

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PlayStation 4 users with PlayStation Plus and Xbox One users with Xbox Live Gold can take advantage of the free weekend. The event will also be available to Windows PC users with a Battle.net account.

All the things that live servers currently have can be enjoyed during the free weekend. These include 22 playable heroes, 13 different maps and all the different game modes. Players can level up and gain loot boxes during the event.

Express mentioned that the free weekend could coincide with the full launch of Sombra on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Previous reports claim that Sombra?s strength is in supporting her teammates through Hacks, as well as her EMP ultimate. Although these skills do not cause fatal damage, they can break barriers. Sombra can also lock enemies out of the abilities which render them ineffective in battle.Blizzard is yet to confirm whether or not Sombra will be playable in the upcoming free weekend.

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