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Overwatch Sombra: Skycoder Hints Flood Blizzard?s Website; Official Twitter Account Acknowledges New Hero

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Recently, Blizzard Entertainment resumed the Overwatch Sombra code mystery. Moreover, the official Overwatch Twitter account also responded to a fan pretending to be Sombra, which somehow proves Blizzard?s interest in keeping up the Sombra mystery. Here?s what we know so far.

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On the Battle.net forums, Skycoder?s thread recited Sombra?s earlier quote, ?The person who has the information, has the power.? Though it looks like a regular thread post, the page dissolves by itself and churns out a code for the fans to decipher once more. Previously, fans thought that the Sombra mystery was over due to the lack of significant findings after Overwatch Sombra challenged players to a ?real game.?

Meanwhile, a fan masquerading as Sombra jokingly asked if Sombra caused the recent DDoS downtime on Overwatch. The Twitter account replied, asking, ?Who is Sombra?? in Spanish which somehow confirms Blizzard?s interest in keeping up the Sombra mystery before the character?s release. However, the code that the fan posted was just the deciphered skull from the forums.

According to the Overwatch Reddit, fans were able to get a ?deformed skull? similar to the previous Sombra code reveal. Reddit User Rushinq also found a countdown timer that?ll hit 0 on 11:20 AM PST on August 24. This countdown timer could possibly be a large reveal for Overwatch Sombra.

The countdown timer could possibly be for Sombra?s teaser video release dates in the game. Fans only know Sombra as someone who knows enough about computers to code, hack, and gather info in the Overwatch world. Fans have yet to find out Sombra?s actual ties to the Overwatch group and her current state after the organization got decommissioned.

In terms of in-game abilities, Sombra hasn?t appeared yet in the Public Test Region. Regardless of her upcoming kit, Sombra still needs her kit to be balanced before going live in the game. Sombra will be the 23rd playable hero and the second post-launch character to be released for Overwatch.

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