Overwatch Sombra Release Date On PS4, Xbox One, And PC: What We Can Learn From Ana’s Launch

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The latest Overwatch hero, Sombra, has been released on the PC version?s Public Test Region. Blizzard Entertainment has yet to announce her release date. However, the previous Overwatch DLC character, Ana, had a slightly short gap in its live server release on the PC and consoles. Here?s what we know so far about Sombra?s release date based from Blizzard?s release patterns.

PTR release

According to game’s official?site, Ana was released in the game?s Public Test Region servers last July 12. Players had a week to try her out as she was released on PC first on July 18, as seen on an Overwatch forum post. Potentially,?Sombra may have a similar release cycle as she?ll just stay in the PTR for a week and will be released in the game soon.

Late Console Release

Despite the early release on PCs, the console players received Ana last July 21. According to the Overwatch Twitter account, Xbox One players also received Ana on the same date, but the developers had to disable her to fix some problems. The release gap between the PC and console release is just three days, which could be comforting for console players waiting for Sombra.

No Problems So Far

Currently,Overwatch fans don?t think Sombra is overpowered or underwhelming in the game. Sombra players may just need to be patient and mostly capitalize on openings and enemy team errors to stay effective in the fight. Sombra is extremely good at distracting the backline where most Snipers and Supports are, and prevent them from helping their team.

Additionally, Sombra?s strength is in supporting her teammates through Hacks and her EMP ultimate. These skills don?t deal fatal damage but they do break barriers, completely drain shield health and lock enemies out of the abilities which renders them ineffective in battle. Countering her requires constant oversight of her position and being extra careful when moving alone or with low health. If she doesn?t have any game-breaking problems, Sombra might really be released on live servers next week. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The BitBag.

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