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Overwatch Sombra Release Date: When To Expect The New Character

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Overwatch Sombra

Overwatch players have been keen on unveiling the cryptic messages hidden throughout the game for a new character. The rumored character is Sombra, who was believed to be for release before, but players got Ana instead. There are a couple of specific dates in which the upcoming character could be released, and players should expect the mysterious Overwatch agent soon. Here?s when the Overwatch Sombra release date might be.

Along The Release Of Eichenwalde

Blizzard was present at the recent Gamescom, and it brought with it a reveal of a new map set in a German village called Eichenwalde. No exact release date has been pegged for the release of the new map, but it?s expected to come at around the first week of September. This could be a good time to bring along a new character with the new map.

At The Start Of Season 2 of Competitive Play

After the end of the first season of Overwatch Competitive Play, players have been itching for more intense action in the game. Luckily, the next season is scheduled to start in the first half of September, more specifically, Sept. 6. It?s possible that Blizzard might finally introduce Sombra at the start of the new season to create more fun in Competitive Play. It?s even likely for Eichenwalde and Sombra to launch alongside the second season of CompetitivePlay.

Blizzcon 2016

What better place for Blizzard to announce a new character than at their own gaming event? Blizzcon ?2016 will go live at Nov. 4 and 5 later this year, and while the dates are still a bit far, fans are already expecting the developer to reveal a new hero at the said event. If the rumored hero isn?t released by then, then fans have more reason to believe that the Overwatch Sombra release date might be at Blizzcon 2016.

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