Overwatch Sombra Release Date Countdown: New Hero Coming Later This Month?

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Overwatch Sombra

Overwatch is certainly one of the most popular multiplayer game today. The first person shooter game from Blizzard has quickly become a massive hit with millions of players enjoying the exciting new game. In Overwatch, players get to choose from among several hero characters that they will be using to battle other players. The Overwatch Sombra hero is definitely the most exciting one so far and many players are already eager to try her out.

While there are so many heroes to choose from in Overwatch, Blizzard is still constantly trying to introduce more and more heroes to make fans happy. Sombra, the latest hero to be added to Overwatch, has been in the rumor mill for several months. Blizzard finally unveiled the hero recently during Blizzcon to the delight of countless gamers.

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According to IGN, Sombra is described as a ?powerful infiltrator? and her abilities include a Machine Pistol which allows her to hack enemies so that the other heroes cannot use their abilities. Sombra also has Thermoptic Camo that makes her invisible for a period of time.

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Certainly Sombra is certainly one exciting hero to try and many fans cannot play the game choosing her. While Blizzard has not exactly given an exact timeline as to when she will become available in Overwatch on the PS4, there have been some rumblings that she could be introduced very soon.

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According to Forbes, Sombra is not expected to become available during Blizzard?s free weekend on the PC, PS4 and on Xbox One next week. This means that she would likely be added either in late November or in early December, the latter of which being the more realistic schedule.

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Fans surely cannot wait for the Overwatch Sombra experience as she is expected to be one of the most powerful heroes in the game. If you are a huge Overwatch fan, be sure to check back here soon as we will give you more news and updates as to when exactly Sombra will be added to the game.

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