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Overwatch Sombra: Next Hero Clue Literally In Your Achievements Tab?

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Overwatch Sombra

Previously, Overwatch?s Sombra was teased in a code which said that the next clue isn?t actually in the sky but in players? ?previous achievements.? Players on Reddit actually found a new achievement that is an inverted question mark which contained hints for the next clue. After decoding, fans now have what seems to be a ?datamoshed? image of an Overwatch character. Here?s what we know so far about this possible Sombra tease.

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According to chrRiscs thread on Reddit, there is a new achievement on the official Overwatch profile finder site. It is a new ?Inverted Question Mark? achievement which only contains a question mark and ellipsis in its description. However, upon examination of the image in a new tab, codes were found and another Spanish sentence was deciphered.

As seen on the Overwatch community?s Sombra ARG findings spreadsheet, the sentence reads, ?Vientos, nada mal. No obstante, me aburro.Intentemos algo nueva en la misma direccion.? This translates to ?Winds (Damn), not bad. However, I?m getting bored. Let?s try something new in the same direction. According to some Spanish-speaking players on Reddit, it?s possible that Overwatch?s Sombra may be Mexican instead of Spanish due to the sentence construction in her codes.

Afterward, the found code-string was used on a Vigenere cipher which produced a skull image reminiscent of the confirmed elimination notification in Overwatch. Additionally, datamoshing it resulted in a link with a corrupted image that resembles a character of Overwatch. Once the image is fixed, fans may discover that the character is actually Sombra in the upcoming game. Due to this finding, players may finally be getting closer to discovering who Sombra is.

So far, Overwatch Sombra is a character in the game that has been mentioned in mostly easter eggs and was erroneously speculated to be the Support Sniper character, Ana. In the Dorado map, she is mentioned in a newspaper article, a power plant notification and even on classified files. Sombra is speculated to be a stealth character due to an inclusion of unused soundbytes that call out to a hiding enemy. Once Sombra?s added, she will be the game?s 23rd playable character in the game.

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