Overwatch Sombra: New Stealth Hero Missing From Gamescom 2016, Or Is She?

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Due to the recent reveals for Overwatch in Blizzard?s Gamescom 2016 stream, fans are now busy investigating for more signs of Sombra. So far, Sombra seems to be missing in the reveals.?

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment had three significant reveals for Overwatch, namely the main Blizzard livestream, the Eichenwalde map video, and the brief footage of ?The Last Bastion? animated short. Currently, Overwatch fans are looking out for codes, odd images, and other easter eggs in the videos that may link to Sombra.

Despite the Sombra trail growing stone cold, there seems to be no major findings so far in the recent Blizzard reveals. However, the actual Last Bastion animated short is yet to be shown and is slated to be released on August 18 at Gamescom 2016. This animated short will feature Bastion?s backstory and the new Eichenwalde map that?s set in a small town in Germany. It?s possible that Sombra may make an appearance through codes or in the animated short itself.

Currently, fans investigating the Sombra mystery only has the ?Skull Code? cracked while they?re waiting for new Sombra clues. According to the Sombra mystery progress listed on the Game Detectives site, the last finding says, ?It seems you like these little games? Why don?t we play a real one?? It?s possible that Sombra?s release might be near or may be in an advanced Alternate Reality Game where players may use actual real world data to solve Sombra?s puzzles.

In terms of gameplay balance, Sombra might enter the game during the two-week break after the first Competitive Play Season. Currently, she is not even implemented in the game?s Public Test Realm server yet, but she might be implemented there first to avoid any overpowered tactics from mixing with the real game. However, the PTR server is asking players to pre-install some new updates for the game. It?s possible that these new PTR additions may be linked to Sombra?s inclusion in Overwatch.

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