Overwatch Sombra: New Hero Hacks Account Of Overwatch Personalities

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Overwatch Sombra

Recently, the Overwatch Sombra Alternate Reality Game unveiled a countdown timer in its latest reveal. Players eagerly waited for Blizzard?s official release on official Overwatch social media sites, but possible clues on the character appeared instead on the social media accounts of some famous Overwatch players. However, fans are still assessing if it?s also part of Blizzard?s promotion or if they just want tangential attention from the event. Meanwhile, fans are also looking at another site that?s seemingly connected to the Sombra mystery for more clues about the upcoming character.

According to ScarletSilver?s thread on Reddit, some Overwatch-related Twitter accounts have suddenly started posting Spanish tweets. Since it coincides with the countdown and is similar to Sombra?s manner of speaking, fans assumed that Sombra may have ?hacked? these accounts to send her next message.

However, some fans didn?t easily accept these tweets as official due to lack of confirmation from Blizzard. Some Twitter accounts like @ESLyob and @Lugia_Blizz admitted that some of their quotes were misleading and deleted them. However, they also said that the other Sombra teases they left are true. According to misterA?s thread on Reddit, some fans consider these Twitter posts as hoax. They should be taken with a grain of salt as it?s unknown which are the real clues and which are those just snagging attention for the current event.

Meanwhile, a site called ? may also be tied to the Overwatch Sombra ARG as some fans noticed an increase to a ?4%? progress on the site after the Twitter events ended. Currently, fans have no idea what this site is progressing slowly into, but it mentions ?transmitting omnic information assets.? The Twitter reveals talked about a ?God Program? being activated, which fans link to Athena and Anubis. These two characters are known to use information and data. Athena still has information on the former Overwatch agents, while Anubis can control the omnics against their will.

Due to Sombra?s inclination to hacking, fans are speculating that Sombra could also be a computer entity in the Overwatch world and possibly an unplayable character. Previously, Sombra was speculated to be a hacker Stealth hero of Mexican descent. We?ll have to wait for the official reveal in the game to see her actual appearance and find out her significance in the Overwatch game and story.

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