Overwatch Sombra Live Today On PC As PTR Ends? “Boop” Message Appears On Global Chat

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Could Sombra be hitting Overwatch?s servers today? Some new developments on the game?s Player Test Realm (PTR) have fans hopeful that the Mexican super spy will be available for play after the weekly server maintenance ends.

Overwatch PTR Outage May Indicate That Sombra Is Almost Here

It started several hours ago when the PTR and its forums went down without notice. Fans suspected that Blizzard was rolling out a new patch, but so far the developers have been mum on what exactly is going on. As of writing, the PTR is still down, so we don?t know exactly what Blizzard could be introducing.

However, one fan was able to record some gameplay footage that hints at Sombra?s possible release. On the Overwatch subreddit, a user by the name of MultiScootaloo posted a video that shows Sombra sending a ?Boop? message through the in-game chat. Shortly after the message is received, the servers go down and he is booted out to the login screen. Many fans suspect that this could be Blizzard?s way of teasing Sombra?s arrival. You can check out the clip here.

Skeptics say that releasing Sombra later in the month makes more sense. Releasing a new hero so close to the end of a competitive season seems like a radical move. Blizzard has previously said that they are targeting November 24 as the end date of the current season, Releasing Sombra after that would give players a clean slate to test her out competitively and would not risk shaking up the rankings so late into this season.

Others have also pointed out that the upcoming free-to-play weekend only lists 22 heroes as playable. With Sombra being the 23rd name on the roster, it?s possible that this may be a clue.

What are your thoughts on the latest bit of Overwatch drama? Let us know in the comments below.

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