Overwatch Sombra Hero: What We Know So Far

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Overwatch Sombra?is one of the hottest searches for Overwatch players. Sombra, if you are not caught up yet, is one of the hotly anticipated character addition to Overwatch.

Overwatch Sombra In Public Test Realm

The character will work?in the shadows. That is what her name suggests. This, according to Red Bull, is the first true stealth hero in the game?s roster. The addition of this character is expected to change the dynamics of competitive games.

This stealth capability in online play is reminiscent of the Spy character in Team Fortress 2. Players expect that Sombra will be pretty hard to deal with because of her stealth capabilities.

Sombra was ?launched in the Overwatch Public Test Realm. At last, players can now see what this character is capable of.

Sombra Skills

Testers know that Sombra can go invisible such as the Spy in Team Fortress 2. The character is also a hacker that can disable opponent abilities. She can also use her Translocator to teleport away from danger. This allows players controlling the character to enforce a more evasive strategy in-play. There are two weaknesses though. Sombra will lose her invisibility when she is taking damage. Her hacking is vulnerable?as this gets interrupted when she is taking hits.?

Disrupting the Meta

These abilities mixed with other team picks have already been disrupting the meta of the game. Sombra seems to be the perfect counter to almost all characters. This means that players would get more creative with their team compositions and tactics with this addition.

Sombra will be a great ally in infiltrating enemy lines so?cause them to fail in getting their objectives. Her EMP ability would hack enemies and removes their defenses like Zarya?s bubble and Lucio?s Sound Barrier.

These abilities seem to be set for now but then?Blizzard may choose to alter them after going through data and feedback from the Public Test Realm. This might be the case but?this can change anytime soon. We will get you acquainted?with?changes, if any, soon.?

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