Overwatch Sombra: Cloak Stealth Ability Spotted In New Trailer

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Overwatch Sombra

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment released the Overwatch Summer Games 2016 trailer with no shortages of Easter Eggs as the new hero was spotted by fans. Other than the code from Tracer?s dash trails, players also spotted a slight distortion on top of a goal of the Lucioball map in the video. Fans speculate that this visual distortion might be the Overwatch Sombra cloaking ability as she was teased to be a Stealth champion in the game.

Around the 1:13 to 1:15 mark of the Summer Games 2016 video, the distortion can be seen on top of the goal behind Lucio. Similar to Spy from Team Fortress 2, it?s possible that Blizzard may have opted to use visual distortion to show detectable hints of the invisible Stealth character in the game. It might be possible that Sombra?s cloaking move might just be for hiding herself from enemies instead of setting herself up for some quick kills.

While the Spy from Team Fortress 2 focuses on espionage for deception and assassination, Overwatch?s Sombra may be a Stealth character for scouting and map awareness, as her teases link to cryptic codes and information. Currently, Hanzo?s Sonic Arrow and Widowmaker?s Infrasight are the only supportive scouting tools in the game. It?s possible that Blizzard wants more tools so players can plan their next move using their knowledge on enemy positions.

Since the game has been out for long, Stealth heroes shouldn?t be a threat in the game. Since it?s already been three months since the game was out, most of the players are already familiar with most of the game?s maps, including its shortcuts and less-traveled routes. While the Stealth hero could opt to hide in these parts of the map, players could simply make themselves unpredictable in their travels and hunt her out to avoid further position leaks to the enemy team. Additionally, some players were able to find unique quotes for goading a character out of hiding, which might be the signal that the invisible hero is nearby.

As for counters for Sombra?s stealth move, characters with large area of effect or non-bullet based weapons like Winston and Mei may be a bane to her attempts for a slippery escape. While unsuspecting tanks are often easy targets for Spy in Team Fortress 2, the generally disruptive and sometimes agile nature of Overwatch?s tanks may be difficult for Sombra to defeat with a one-hit move.


Fans of the game have also spotted a moving cloaked figure?in the trailer. Could it be Sombra?

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