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Overwatch Skins: The Most Ridiculous Character Costumes Available

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Check out some of the crazy new skins for the upcoming Overwatch game.

With Overwatch commencing their latest beta test, they also introduced new cosmetic features such as graffiti icons, player portraits and even character skins. Players can earn them by getting loot boxes after leveling up or in the future retail release, players can purchase the boxes via microtransactions. Now with the recent updates on the beta, more skins are being added. From the typical change of color palettes to re-skinning of an entire new design, these skins can be either a ridiculous take on the character or an entirely new badass look for them. You can check out the new skins as well as some of the current ones by watching the video compilation below (which was uploaded by Sildee)

You get to see some ridiculous looks for some popular characters such as Bastion with a wooden style appearance that makes him look like a totem and a Steampunk-themed appearance where it matches him very well. There is also a weird costume for Lucio where he seems to look like DeadMau5 but more of a space frog. Then there is also Soldier 76 who is wearing a 70s style American clothing. We also get to see a more Japanese mecha-ish Pharah with her Raptorian costume and more crazy skins for some select characters.

It is nice to see that Blizzard is experimenting on making not just cool designed skins, but also some weird and funny costumes that gives out a lighthearted vibe to the game and some costumes have some backstory for each character that explains why they had those costumes in the first place.

We will soon find out if more costumes will come out for the retail release of Overwatch once it becomes available on May 24 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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