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Overwatch Single-Player Campaign: ‘We Don’t Have Plans For That Right Now,’ Says Blizzard

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Overwatch Single-Player Campaign
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

The Overwatch team confirmed that they don’t have any plans for a single-player campaign right now. Fans have long expressed interest to play an Overwatch single-player campaign since the game was released last year. However, Blizzard Entertainment is already doing their storytelling through the game’s major events.

No Plans For Single Player Campaign

According to the official Overwatch Twitter, the developers don’t have any plans to make an Overwatch single-player campaign at the moment. The Overwatch team has repeatedly been asked about this feature on each update and interview. For now, players shouldn’t expect to see a campaign mode even if they keep asking for it from the developers.

Overwatch’s Storytelling

The Overwatch team expounds the game’s story through in-game events, comics, and other promotional content releases. The Overwatch Uprising event was about Tracer’s first mission with other Overwatch operatives during the Omnic Crisis. Meanwhile, the Overwatch comics also expound on a character or a festive event’s backstory. Sombra’s reveal had a large Alternate Reality Game that had to be solved first to get more details. So far, Blizzard Entertainment has been creative in introducing new content to the fans.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan explained in a Facebook Q&A that they’d make cooperative modes rather than a full Overwatch campaign mode. This design is evident in both Junkenstein’s Revenge and the Overwatch Uprising brawl mode. As long as Blizzard Entertainment has ideas to introduce stories in a different way, they’re unlikely to develop a campaign mode soon.

Campaign Mode Development

First person shooter titles with both single-player and multiplayer modes, like Call of Duty and Battlefield, have a standalone campaign mode. The single-player mode in these shooters is cinematic, which often neglects game balancing to provide a an enjoyable gameplay experience.

Overwatch could definitely do a campaign mode with its rich setting and developed characters if Blizzard wanted to. Scenes similar to its tutorial mode could definitely work out well for them. However, Blizzard Entertainment will have to make a fully flesh out its Overwatch characters, which might force constant character development. Most players would want to have new playable characters rather than know their stories intimately, considering that Overwatch is a multiplayer game. The developers will have to make an entirely different gameplay for its campaign mode to differentiate it from the in-game events.

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