Overwatch Single Player DLC: Omnic Crisis As First Campaign Mode? [Rumor]

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Overwatch Single Player

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment officially cancelled the ?Overwatch: First Strike? comic last November 18. The comic is said to discuss the adventures of the older Overwatch operatives before the current setting of the game. Potentially, Blizzard may have cancelled the comics to develop it as a playable story in the game instead. Will Overwatch receive the First Strike story as an Overwatch Single Player DLC instead?

Overwatch First Strike

As officially announced on the game’s?forums, the Overwatch First Strike comics has been cancelled, but they?re still interested in telling that story some other time. “?While we are grateful to the team for the fantastic work they put into it, we’ve ultimately decided to take the story in a different direction,” said lead writer Micheal Chu.

Before the events of the Overwatch game, the Omnic Crisis served as a backdrop to most of the anti-Omni characters. In the said catastrophe, Omnics attacked humanity and Overwatch managed to stop them from wiping out humanity.

Remaining Omnics managed to recover and establish peace with humanity, but the damage caused a rift among the other humans. Omnic Crisis events tend to be large as the Omnics hit every city they can to kill people. Defending a city against an Omnic advance could potentially be a good Overwatch Single Player DLC game mode in Overwatch.

Story Mode

Potentially, Overwatch could explore its backstory through an Overwatch Single Player DLC Campaign mode where players take down Omnics to stop their advance. A Campaign mode could allow players to understand more of the game world like other First Person Shooters such as Call of Duty and Titanfall 2. Players may be able to predict or have an idea of the game?s next characters if the game?s lore is explored.

Current Co-Op game modes

Potentially, a Co-Op game mode like Junkenstein?s Revenge could be the template for Overwatch Single Player DLC. Fighting against AI targets will definitely be enjoyable regardless if Blizzard goes with Single Player or Co-op for the Campaign. The Junkenstein?s Revenge game mode had players defending a gate from waves of ?Zomnics? and Junkenstein?s allies trying to break it. However, the Overwatch Single Player DLC could be too stiff if it followed the Junkenstein game mode too much. At best, players could run through a variety of exploration and fighting sequences to enjoy the Overwatch story even more. For now, we can only wait for Blizzard to announce how they?ll introduce the game?s backstory.

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