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Overwatch Sexy Fan Art: December Playwatch Christmas Edition Features Mercy

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Two months ago, a few third party artists decided to create a digital magazine that combines Playboy and Blizzard?s Overwatch. The viral online magazine was loved by fans of the title, so it?s not a surprise that it could turn into a monthly thing. A new issue is out for Playwatch and we have more Overwatch sexy fan art to enjoy.

Playwatch Issue #2

This month?s cover girl for Playwatch is none other than Angela Zeigler, more popularly known as Mercy. Several artists contributed their own Overwatch sexy fan art featuring everyone?s beloved support hero, and fans couldn?t be happier. Mercy was depicted in a few of her already scantily clad skins including the Imp and the special Halloween skin, Witch.

Last month?s cover girl for the fan-made art was D.Va. While it?s exciting to see who?ll grace next month?s edition of Playwatch, the current issue features a few fun to read pieces featuring our favorite Overwatch characters.

The issue opens up with an interview with Overwatch?s local tanks; D.Va, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Winston and Zarya. The interview was a fun look into the heroes that usually charge into battle head on. The interview was also graced with a few fun and lighthearted fan art.

The issue also featured a ?Cosplay of the Month? segment like it did last month. This time, the Cosplay of the Month award was given to Tatian Barazova, also known as Amaberius. The cosplayer specializing in dressing up as D.Va. Amaberius is also known for cosplaying as Sylvanas Windrunner.

We?ve yet to know if Playwatch will be a monthly thing, but by the look of things, the creators of the fictional magazine might do it monthly. In the meantime, we?re all a little excited to see who will be the subject of Overwatch Sexy Fan Art next month. You can check out the full second issue by heading to the link here.?

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