Overwatch Season 4 End Date Announced, Season 5 Starts June 1

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Overwatch Season 4 End Date
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Overwatch Season 4 of Competitive Play is scheduled to be end this month as stated by game director Jeff Kaplan on the official forums. As per the the ranked mode’s usual procedures, the one week break will happen before Competitive Play Season 5 starts on June 1. Players are advised to catch up on more competitive play if they want better ranked rewards this season.

Season 4’s Conclusion

Kaplan announced on the official Overwatch forums that its fourth season of Competitive Play will only last until the end of May. The exact end date will be added later on the Competitive Play window in the game client itself. Fans will just have to wait for this info to pop in the game to know their remaining time to climb the ranked ladders.

The Weekly Break

After each Competitive Play season, the game allots a one week break to let players take a rest from the ranked climb. Competitive Play is disabled during this break but players can still enjoy Overwatch in its Quick Play mode. If this weekly break is considered for this Overwatch Season 5, the fourth season might end on May 24 since the new season starts on June 1.

New Season, New Changes?

Kaplan didn’t hint any upcoming ruleset or gameplay changes for Overwatch Season 5. Usually, each competitive play season has large ruleset changes that aim to freshen up gameplay and keep players competitive. The rewards stay somewhat similar as they’re often a unique spray and points to buy cosmetic golden weapons. These announcements often happen during the break to prepare the players for any important updates.

Any Other Events?

Technically, this Overwatch Season 5 announcement is the only official event to look forward this May. A large event can still happen despite Overwatch Uprising recently ending. The previous event, Winter Wonderland, ended last January 2 while the Year of the Rooster event started three weeks later.

Meanwhile, various Overwatch leaks mention about Doomfist’s release and even an anniversary event supposedly scheduled this month. Regardless if these leaks are true or not, players are waiting if these events will actually happen. For now, take these leaks with  a grain of salt up until the Overwatch team or Blizzard Entertainment confirms them. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The BitBag.

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