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Overwatch Season 4 End Date Countdown Timer Coming In Next Update

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Overwatch Season 4 End Date
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Overwatch principal designer Scott Mercer revealed that the fourth season of competitive play will end this May 29. Mercer adds that they’re going to include the Overwatch season 4 end date countdown timer in the game client in a patch soon. Here’s what we know about so far.

Ends on May 29

Mercer posted the Overwatch Season 4 end date in reply to the fans asking about the end date. Apparently, Season 4 will conclude on May 29 around 00:00 UTC. Here’s a list of this date translated in other time zones:

  • May 28 5:00 PM – Pacific Daylight Time
  • May 28 8:00 PM – Eastern Daylight Time
  • May 28 1:00 PM – New Zealand Daylight Time

12 Days Of Competitive Play Left

As of May 17, players still have 12 days of Competitive play left before it ends. This timeframe is more than enough but may still feel like a rush for players aiming for the higher stop. Overwatch Season 4 still rewards players with points to buy Golden weapons and unique Season 4 cosmetics. The only difference in this season is that the top 500 players will have to maintain their ranks for the best rewards.

Upcoming Countdown Timer Patch

Mercer also mentions about including the promised Overwatch Season 4 countdown timer in an upcoming patch. Potentially, this new patch might bring in new updates like the new Hanzo and Genji buffs on the test servers. Mercer didn’t mention any release date for this patch but it’ll definitely be released soon given the short time left for the season.

Missing Out Events

The Overwatch Season 4 end date may not give any hints about the rumored Overwatch events. The one-week breaks between Competitive Play seasons were an opportune time to release the Anniversary event to keep fans interested. However, May 29 is already too near the leaked expiry date of the Overwatch anniversary lootboxes. At best, the Overwatch competitive play season is still scheduled separately from the game’s in-game events.

Season 5

If the Overwatch team manages the next season as usual, they’ll implement changes and new systems that’ll spice up the competition. Ruleset changes, advantage shifting, and character tweaks could easily change Overwatch competitive play meta. Other than implementing patches, a new Overwatch character could also heavily switch up the balance.

So far, fans speculate that Doomfist will be the next Overwatch character. Blizzard Entertainment has yet to officially announce or release teasers for the next Overwatch hero. The break before the next season only lasts a week and players will have to start climbing ranks again.

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