Overwatch Season 2 Update: Suspension Policy Defended Amid Complaints

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Overwatch Season 2 becomes?stricter, all for the sake of honest gaming online. Overwatch suspended?disconnected gamers in the middle?of a game. While other players cried foul on the policy, game director Jeff Kaplan has a very reasonable response to the complaints.

According to Kaplan, the Overwatch team cannot detect?whether a sudden disconnection is made intentionally or not. Because of that, they treat every single incident as a disconnection that falls under the suspension punishment.

Complaint History

Players complained about the?10-minute delay on their respective Overwatch game, shortly after they return?from an apparent, unintentional disconnection. This delay is a reminder that players should never disconnect from game, especially when players are in the middle of a battle. Disconnecting from the Overwatch game is usually done by rage quitters. ?Rage quitters? are known to suddenly disconnect from the game in order to save the whole team from being conquered.

In Kaplan?s statement, he said ?We’re really sorry you had a bad experience due to a disconnect. Personally, I hate when that happens myself so I can relate.. Unfortunately, we’re in a really tricky spot with Competitive Play in regards to players leaving matches. There is no reliable way that we can discern if you disconnected because of a connection issue, or you forced a disconnect. Because of that, we need to treat anyone who leaves a match in the same way.?


Despite the risk of getting suspended in Overwatch Season 2, Kaplan also has suggestions to players with slow internet connections. Players can still play The Brawl or Play vs AI in order to stay connected to the game. ?Again, I know this isn’t the answer you want to hear, but hopefully you can understand the situation from the other side. It’s very likely that someone who was on your team in that match posted in one of the many angry ?leaver? threads on these forums.? he added.

Now, players should know that any type of disconnection from Overwatch Season 2 will render them suspended with corresponding penalties.

For more details on the Overwatch Season 2 suspension policy, you can check us here on TheBitBag.


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