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Overwatch Season 2: Skill Rating Scale Expanded To Whole Numbers, Plus Other Major Changes

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Overwatch Season 2 starts on September 6, while the Season 1 ends on August 17. However, prior to September, the public beta will reportedly be released.

Jeff Kaplan, the game director, has shared a YouTube video where he has explained some of the major changes and enhancements that are part of the new season.

Skill Rating Overhaul

The first season of the game has 1 to 100-point scale for scoring. However, the Overwatch Season 2 will apparently come with a 1 to 5,000-point scale. This means all your scores will be rated in whole numbers, rather than fractions as experienced in the first season.

Introduction Of Tiers

With the new season, the ranks will apparently be tier-based. The company has introduced seven tiers namely bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master and grand master. The tiers noted above reportedly represent about 500 points each on the skill rating scale.

Starting with?Season 2, Overwatch players need not worry about scores. Instead, they should identify themselves as a gold player or master player. In case, a player loses some points due to poor match performance, he can still maintain the same tier.

Also, except for the first two tiers, players will apparently not be allowed to drop out of the tier they reach in the second season. In any case, the end-of-season rewards are solely based on the top most tier a player reaches in the Season 2, Mashable noted.

Negative Scoring

Furthermore, the matchmaking system has apparently been redesigned to offer level playing field to the players. Overwatch has also brought in a kind of negative scoring to the game.

With Season 2, the players that are part of the top tiers will see rating decay, in case they forget to play the game for several days. The rating has apparently been set to decay every single day.

Sudden Death Scrapped & Ties Overhauled

There is going to be no sudden death in the Overwatch Season 2. In any case, the control maps will still maintain best-of-five matches. Even though the escort maps will use the same time bank system, some changes have been introduced to reduce the chance of getting a tie.

According to Kaplan, “Ties should be very very rare on the hybrid maps and the payloads.? ?On the payloads, the only times that a tie is realistically going to happen is if nobody pushes the cart at all. On hybrids, ties will only happen if nobody initially captures the payload,” he clarified further.

Even with these many changes, if?Overwatch teams end up getting a tie, both the parties involved will reportedly get token competitive points.

Here is the video explaining some of the Overwatch Season 2 features:

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