Overwatch Season 2 News & Update: Start Date of Competitive Play Revealed

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The Overwatch Competitive Play Season 2 will start on September 6, 2016 as indicated by the game?s official Twitter page. Along with the revelation are the changes expected compared to Season 1?s already exciting play. Overwatch Season 2 is expected to feature some of the significant additions and at the same time deletion of previous features included in the previous season.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, Overwatch Competitive Play Season 2 discontinued the Sudden Death because technically, the game will not end in a draw. The time bank feature will host the operation of Assault and Hybrid maps with the ranking now extended to 1-5000. Players in Overwatch Season 2 will not be demoted to certain levels if they lose, regardless of how many times they fail in the Competitive Play.

The ranking system of the Overwatch Competitive Play Season 2 is as follows:

  • Bronze: 1 to 1,499
  • Silver: 1, 500 to 1,999
  • Gold: 2,000 to 2,499
  • Platinum: 2,500 to 2,999
  • Diamond: 3,000 to 3,499
  • Master: 3,500 to 3,999
  • Grandmaster: 4,000 to 5,000

A tip for players who will join the competitive play is to at least log on to one game per week in order to retain position in the top 500. Failure to do so will automatically remove the player from the top 500 rankings.

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Meanwhile, the hunt for the elusive new Overwatch hero continues after cryptic hints were finally tracked down by persistent players. The code, which appears to be a glitch, if taken into consideration and ran through more decoding scripts, will reveal the image of two skulls.

Previous reports indicate that Sombra might be Overwatch?s next hero, the 23rd to appear in the game, but unfortunately, aside from the decoded skulls nothing else has been confirmed. A Spanish sounding part of the glitch, when translated says ?I PROMISED A GAME, I BELIEVE YOU, GAMEDETECTIVES WOULD CALL IT A TRAILHEAD BLZGDAUSA-AMBAS-CALAVERAS.HTML”.

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