Overwatch Season 2: New Skill Rating Tiers Will Make Competitive Play Less Stressful, Says Game Director

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Overwatch Season 2

Recently, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan discussed in a developer update video the changes for Competitive Play in Overwatch Season 2. Current Competitive Play features were either tweaked or removed. Additionally, the new changes imply a more comfortable ladder climb instead of a frustrating experience. These changes will soon arrive in the game?s Public Test Realm for further tests with the game?s community.

According to Kaplan, many Overwatch Season 2 changes in Competitive Play may not be included in this video, but he discussed what is currently planned for the game. Most of the updates are system tweaks that?ll make players comfortable with their climb to the game?s top and some new features for the game?s ranked mode.

For example, players will now see their progress rise and fall more clearly with the expanded 1-5000 Skill Rating scale. Kaplan confirmed that players will go up in whole numbers instead of having progressions in each skill rating. This change makes the Skill Rating more slippery for regular players and less punishing for those who keep getting stuck in the middle of the ranks. However, this update may actually be a long stretch of the Skill Rating system and may cause extended queue wait times on the upcoming Competitive Play in Season 2.

Additionally, Overwatch will now have tiers, as Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster tiers have been confirmed. These three top tiers will experience ?Skill Rating Decay? if they are inactive in Competitive Play for a week. As for the lower tiers, they can opt to take their time in climbing relevant tiers.

Similar to Ranked Divisions in Riot?s League of Legends, Overwatch Season 2 players will now have a more visible ranking system that?ll allow them to show their competitive progress in the game. At best, top tier competitive players may even have a chance to get scouted for the Overwatch World Cup tournament. However, this encourages rigorous Competitive Play activity, so be sure to spend some time in the game to maintain the top ranks unlike in Season 1. However, you can?t always rely on good chances in the Top 500 Season Rewards as Overwatch will require players to have at least 50 matches played to be eligible for the season?s premium rewards.

For players just aiming to keep up a good rank, Kaplan has also confirmed updates that?ll help you stay relevant in the game. Season Rewards will now be awarded according to your best achieved rank this Overwatch Season 2 instead of your current rank. This means that you?ll still get a higher reward even if you?ve lost most of your Competitive play matches this season. If you?ve lost in most of the games this Season 1, it?s still possible to return to your previous rank after you?ve done your promotions. Rank falloff only happens in the game?s top tiers, so just keep going for gold. With these updates, there?s really no way but up in the ranks of Overwatch Season 2.

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