Overwatch Season 2 Details Announced So Far By Blizzard

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Overwatch Season 2

The first Overwatch Competitive Play season will be reaching its end on August 18, which is about a week from now. After the promised two-week break after Season 1, Overwatch Season 2 will start the game for another run of ranked ladder climbing and season rewards at the end of it. Here are some details that you need to know for the upcoming Season 2 in September.

1 Hero Per Team is staying

In an Overwatch forum thread,Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that he will not be removing the 1 Hero Per Team mechanic in Competitive Play for Overwatch Season 2. The response to this mechanic was good, so players can expect its return for Season 2, said Kaplan.

The 1 Hero Per Team system prevents players from using multiple character-intensive tactics like five Torbjorns and one Lucio which could be hard to counter for players and a pain to balance for devs. Additionally, allowing multiple heroes to be picked in Competitive Play may force a meta in which the best pick of the game?s current patch may be repeatedly stacked.

Competitive Points will be carried over to Season 2

According to another official Overwatch forums thread, players may still have a chance to buy those Golden weapon skins in Overwatch Season 2 even if they didn?t make enough points this season. Players can cash in their current Skill Rating in Competitive Play to corresponding points. However, it?s possible that Blizzard may include another Competitive Point that?s only cosmetic in the game, so hold on to those points until Season 2 rolls in.

Competitive Play seasons won?t affect new Overwatch character releases

With the inclusion of Ana in midseason, players need not be worried about waiting off full seasons for the game?s next character. Stealth hero Sombra has been teased with an Alternate Reality Game in which Overwatch fans deciphered codes for clues about the next character. If the event finishes quickly, we might receive Sombra during the Competitive Play?s two-week break before the Overwatch Season 2 Competitive Play starts. The two-week break will be enough time for the devs to recalibrate the next character in the game in case they break the game?s balance.

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