Overwatch Roadhog Nerf Update: Hook Ability Balancing Changes Detailed By Blizzard

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Overwatch Roadhog Nerf

Recently, Overwatch Principal Designer Geoff Goodman revealed incoming nerfs to Roadhog?s hook on the next test server update. The strong utility of Roadhog?s hook is central to his strength as it allows him to pick off targets easily even when he?s alone. The changes will allow more counterplay to Roadhog?s hook as the developers added more restrictions for it, which allows players to escape him more. Here?s what we know so far about the Overwatch Roadhog nerf update.

Overwatch Roadhog nerf

Goodman revealed on the official Overwatch forums that they?re planning to add the Overwatch Roadhog nerf to the Public Test Realm soon. The Overwatch developers are planning to limit Roadhog?s hook to targets he can see. This update will definitely hurt Roadhog?s overall utility in picking off targets but he can still be reliable with his damage.

Current Roadhog meta

In the current competitive meta, Tanks and Supports are considered strong. Roadhog places high as he can tank and take out targets effectively with his hook-primary fire combo. Effectively picking off targets with a combo can give a team an easy advantage and could even snowball if the enemy team fails to cope. Combined with his self-heal and high health, Roadhog can be a difficult target to take down.

More than just his skillset, Roadhog?s hook has an extreme utility that even allows him to hook enemies beyond his sight and behind walls or corners. All the Roadhog player needs is foresight and to land the hook to pull in a target. As long as the hook connects, Roadhog can pull you in front of him for a quick kill or just put you in a bad spot to escape.

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The Hook Nerf

The new PTR Overwatch Roadhog nerf aims to add more restrictions to Roadhog?s hook to make it more difficult to snag targets. The additional hook systems added will break Roadhog?s hook consistency and adds more restrictions to break it prematurely. Overall, players fighting against Roadhog will now be rewarded with good cover positioning as they can break the hooks if they?re behind good cover. Once this gets implemented in the game, players can hope for a surefire escape rather than expecting an instant death once hooked. However, we may have to wait and see if this update will serve its purpose as the previous hook nerf doesn?t seem to have a large impact on cover hooking.

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