Overwatch Release Date and Gameplay: What We Know So Far

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Overwatch Release Date and Gameplay

The Overwatch release date is slated on May 24, according to We still have two months to wait for the FPS mixed with Multiplayer Online Battle Arena abilities from Blizzard. Here?s what we know about Overwatch so far.

Currently, the Closed Beta for Overwatch is still going on. In fact, it has new patch notes, which are discussed on this Reddit thread by CaptainPlanet. It includes links where the competitive data and meta of the game are discussed. CaptainPlanet also supplied an unofficial tier list of strong picks for the round of patches.

Though the game is still in beta, it already has a competitive tournament scene. At this rate, the game might have large eSport events once the game gets a full release in May.

As for the gameplay, Overwatch currently cycles on the balance of the current roster of characters. No new characters are being introduced after Mei, Genji, and D.Va. Other than Tracer?s crossover to Heroes of The Storm, we?ll have to wait and see if there will be any character-related news once the game rolls in.

In comparison to other FPS and MOBAs, Overwatch has objective-focused game modes similar to Team Fortress 2. It also has the tools of a mechanics-based MOBA. Players will have to shoot or fight it out on their own with abilities that rarely scale in power.

Abilities in the game will have cooldowns, and players will not have other resources besides health or character unique pick-ups. These unique skills will be applied mechanically and tactically to synergize with each other but can rarely be used in one-man army situations.

As mentioned, the Overwatch release date is set on May 24, but it will have an Open Beta phase starting on May 3, according to a video from the game?s official Youtube channel. Those who pre-order Overwatch can get two open beta keys meant to be shared with a friend. For now, let?s sit tight and wait for events related to the game?s Open Beta.

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