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Overwatch Reflections: Tracer Is Gay With Emily, Russia Bans Christmas Comic ‘Propaganda’

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Blizzard just made some big headlines by releasing the Overwatch: Reflections webcomic. Normally, this would be business as usual, since the company has released several digital shorts detailing these characters? lives. However, this comic proved to be controversial, as it revealed that Tracer ? the game’s mascot ? is a lesbian.

This obviously resulted in some mixed opinions in the gaming community. Some feel like it’s a great move since the gaming industry is severely lacking in LGBT characters. Others feel that it’s a cheap way to get the game attention and to be political. Russia in particular isn’t a fan of the move, as they actually banned the online comic from their country.

Overwatch: Propaganda?

According to Reddit user Calibrono, Overwatch: Reflections was banned due to the laws in Russia that protect children. Russian fans who try to look at the comic get a pop-up message, saying that the comic cannot be viewed due to Russian law. It’s definitely a sensitive issue, one that fans will have plenty of opinions about.

Fans can read the comic here and judge it for themselves, unless they?re from Russia. These comics are considered canon since this is one of the only ways the characters can actually develop their personalities. Overwatch might be a great game, but its multiplayer-only focus limits character development to quips, costumes and weapon quirks.

One Of The Many LGBT Characters

Anyone that has played the Game of the Year winner knows that it has a diverse cast of characters. That being said, Overwatch: Reflections is important since it reveals that Tracer is one of the LGBT character in the game. Her girlfriend’s name is Emily and it seems like the two somehow love each other.

It will be interesting to see if Blizzard announces even more LGBT characters in the future. They don’t have to limit it to Overwatch either, as the company has a ton of game franchises in their disposal. Fan reaction has been mixed, so the company can expect the same views if they introduce another LGBT character.

Overwatch is available now on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Tracer is front and center in the game’s cover, so Blizzard is definitely aware of the impact this will cause.

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