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Overwatch Reddit More Popular Than Sex! Currently The Biggest Console Video Game Subreddit Community

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Overwatch Reddit

Recently, the subscriber count of the Overwatch Reddit has surpassed the /r/Sex subscribers. Other than indirectly being ?better than Sex,? the Overwatch community is still sailing smoothly. As of now, Overwatch fares smoothly among other console shooters and stands next to known and established MOBAs out there. Here?s what we know so far about Overwatch?s popularity.

Better Than Sex?

According to braernoch?s thread on the Overwatch subreddit, the game’s?community has overtaken the subscriber count of the Sex subreddit. As of writing, the Overwatch Reddit has 707,947 subscribers, beating /r/Sex?s 690,703 subscribers. Reddit user braemoch?s thread may have ?been intended to provide some humor in the community, but Overwatch?s popularity in 2016 is still undeniable. Blizzard Entertainment?s new IP was just released in May this year and it managed to have at least 700k followers on a community forum.

Overwatch Reddit Competition

These findings don?t necessarily mean that Overwatch is the best, but its Reddit subscriber count is actually in good standing compared with its competitive First Person Shooter peers. Currently, its six-digits subscriber count beats its contemporaries? subreddits such as Paladins which has 22,819 subscribers while Battleborn has 14,637 subscribers. Earlier in the year, Overwatch was noted to have completely crushed its competition, and its influence was felt in other ?Hero Shooter? games released this year. Fascinatingly, Overwatch also beats Counter Strike: Global Offensive?s 446,284 subscriber count.

In its Console shooter competition, Overwatch also wins against Destiny?s 298,628 subscriber count and The Division?s 116,609 reddit followers. However, it?s worth noting that there is also a separate ?Overwatch Console? subreddit that has 5,589 subscribers at the moment. So far, Blizzard Entertainment hasn?t announced any console-focused tournaments or releases which can explain the low subscriber count.


During the time of Overwatch?s development and release, Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas or MOBAs were the leading online game genre for the majority. Due to popularity for MOBAs, the eSport trend grew faster into a larger industry complete with international competitions and sponsorship grants. As of now, Overwatch also beats Dota 2?s 318,430 subscriber count even if DOTA remains a strong MOBA game to this day.

However, League of Legends is still more followed at 930,552 subscribers. Despite this lead, Overwatch in its earlier months was the ?most played online game? in South Korea. The country is known for its strong eSport teams and following which makes them an important part of the eSport audience.

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Overwatch is the best?

By a long shot, these data aren?t enough to gauge Overwatch?s overall popularity. Subscriber count doesn?t necessarily mirror the actual playerbase but just the people who are deeply invested about its updates and events. We?ll have to wait for the game?s first year anniversary in May 2017 to see if they?ll have anything to surprise the players. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that they don?t have plans for a Valentine and Easter event. It?s possible that there will be a huge 1st year anniversary event as gratitude for fans for making Overwatch popular in such a short time.

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