Overwatch Players Have Winter Loot Boxes for Christmas!

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Overwatch Players
Overwatch Players

Undoubtedly, Overwatch enjoyed a great year. As a way of giving back to its gamers, Blizzard will give away five free loot boxes to all players of this highly popular multiplayer shooter. These free loot boxes came from the Winter Wonderland event. This will run up until January 2.

Overwatch Players Must Open Their Free Loot Boxes before They Expire

Gamers who logged in all saw a holiday message that came from Blizzard. The developer took the time to thank their players for the ‘eventful and amazing year’ that Overwatch enjoyed in 2016. Blizzard said that the success Overwatch enjoyed in sales and popularity-wise would not have been possible if not for the ‘tremendous support, passion and enthusiasm’ the gamers have shown for the game since its release.

As a way of saying thank you, Blizzard gave away five free Winter Wonderland loot boxes to their active Overwatch accounts. In order to claim them, the players must log in to their accounts and their free loot boxes will be waiting for them. Even though the message did not say there’s an expiration date for gamers to open the free loot boxes, the Winter Wonderland event of Overwatch is scheduled to end on January 2 next year. It’s not certain if these loot boxes will be discarded by that time, but just to be safe, log in and open them before that date per

The Winter Wonderland Update

Two weeks ago, Blizzard launched the Winter Wonderland update for Overwatch. It gave players a chance to acquire items that were event-specific like skins, profile icons and emotes, among others. But even if most of the character skins are amazing, Mei’s fans were disappointed in what looked like a simple recolor of Mei’s clothes and were just tagged as legendary skin.

Overwatch 2017

Kaplan announced that there will be more heroes to be added to Overwatch come 2017. Kaplan added that players could also expect new maps, a custom game server browser and custom communication options.

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