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Overwatch Player Reaches Max Level After 1,700 Hours of Gameplay

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Overwatch Player
Overwatch Player

Nobody thought anyone could do it singlehandedly or that it was even possible, but one Overwatch player did. After six months of grueling play, he finally made it. He hit the 1800 level. Apparently, this is the highest level Blizzard has designed an image border for. Thus, this is the current ‘max’ for practically everyone.

As published by PVP Live, a French player that goes by TaZzeRK allotted six months of 16-17 hour days of nonstop playing. He doesn’t have a job so he can afford to do this the whole time. He said he has been ‘rushing’ since he started.

He was ecstatic when he took to Twitter and told everyone about the good news. Over a week ago, he reached level 1700 then took to overdrive in order to knock out the final 100. He said that so far he’s dedicated about 1,700 hours into the game. Of course, he’s already unlocked practically everything in the game. His stats are quite impressive as well.

Actually, this feat was already accomplished in the past but it’s not that impressive since the account was shared between players. Furthermore, TaZzeRK has a 3,021 skill rating and is in the top 3% of medal earning per minute. At level 1,700 he held over 100,000 credits.

Best Time to Get Overwatch is Now

Meanwhile, good news for gamers out there. If for some reason you don’t have Overwatch yet, now’s the time to buy the game. According to Forbes, the game is on sale for $35 at major retailers both online and brick and mortar stores. Changes for better gaming has also been made.

You can thank Blizzard for the changes and some new and awesome content. This includes two new heroes in the form of hacker Sombra and support sniper Ana. There’s also a new medieval-themed map and numerous arcade modes. The latest update states that Blizzard also added several game modes. This includes one that cycles between all the various arcade modes, a 1v1 duel mode, plus various others like the 3v3 elimination. Now, you have more variety on your play.

You can buy Overwatch for 35 bucks at Amazon. For more of Overwatch player news and latest updates, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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