Overwatch Patch Update: New Patch in Beta Form Arrives on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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Overwatch players will see some changes this September as Blizzard releases a new patch. The recent Overwatch patch is for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms. The patch is currently in its beta form. Players can still send their feedback to help improve the game.

The General Updates brought by the latest Overwatch patch include fewer Plays of the Game that feature Mercy?s resurrection ability. Eichenwalde?s payload speed has also increased in this latest patch. Other features on the new Overwatch patch include the addition of Competitive Tier Legend to the Competitive Play info screen.

Overwatch Patch

The bug fixes included in the latest patch have something to do with fixing the amount of skill rating a player gets. Previously, players can acquire skills that are greater than they?re supposed to. The latest Overwatch patch fixed this already.

As for the heroes of the game, Blizzard has fixed the wrong arrow that points on Hanzo?s bow. At times, it?s totally invisible in the gameplay. Junkrat?s RIP-Tire is also unable to earn credit for kills such as achievements and other stats. The latest Overwatch patch has also fixed that issue.

Lastly, the Reaper is now unable to Shadow Step in unchartered territories in Hollywood. These are basically what arrived in the game from the recent Overwatch patch release on the three aforementioned platforms.

The Overwatch patch is not big. In fact, it will hardly need major space on the player?s console storage. But the amount of update it brings necessarily levels up the gaming experience in Overwatch.

Meanwhile, Overwatch Season 2 has been divided to 7 levels, mainly Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster. Game Director Jeff Kaplan implemented the levels in order for players to be aware of their skill ratings. In the Competitive matches, skill ratings can go down or go up, depending on the player?s ability to win matches.

A tier lower than the Master and Grandmaster will allow players to retain their positions. However, players who fail to maintain their spot in the Master and Grandmaster tier will significantly lose their positions. For more Overwatch update, you can visit us here on TheBitBag.


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