Overwatch Orisa’s Secondary Fire Animation Criticized, Feels Like Lag According To Fans

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Overwatch Orisa
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Recently, the new 24th hero, Orisa, can now be played on the live servers of Overwatch. Fans are already taking notice of her strengths, particularly with her “Halt!” secondary fire. Apparently, players say that the attack feels like experiencing lag or a connectivity issue once its pull effect happens.

Feels Like Lag

Fans criticized Overwatch Orisa’s secondary fire on Rakatee’s Reddit thread, saying getting struck by the attack feels discomforting. Some players note that Halt’s pull effect felt like lag as it doesn’t have a distinct screen effect when it connects. Some fans even said that its pull effect even felt like lag pulling them back to a previous position. The subtle and smooth pull effect animation of this ability leave players confused if Orisa’s ability or a connection issue pulled them back.


Orisa’s secondary fire is a ball of energy which she can reactivate to pull together on any enemy it can latch on. Easily, Orisa’s secondary fire is a great tool to herd up the enemy team for an ultimate combo or just pull enemies out of cover to finish them off. The floating Halt orb is barely noticeable as it’s not noisy and dynamic. Halt’s gentle tug can also be used to throw enemies off pitfalls for a quick kill.

Blizzard Fix

Currently, Blizzard Entertainment and Overwatch developers have yet to address if Overwatch Orisa’s Halt animation and feel is even a big issue. However, Halt’s quick projectile movement further buffs its high utility in matches. Potentially, the developers can add an electric buzzing or cracking noise as it travels so players can recognize an incoming Halt orb even if they can’t see it.

Overwatch Orisa so far

Currently, Orisa can now be played on the live servers except on Competitive Play. Overwatch developers want to let players try her out first rather than using this strong character on ranked matches from the get-go. During her time on the test servers, Orisa was usually picked not only because she was a new character, but also due to her overall damage output and skill kit being reliable.

She’s designed to be an “anchor” tank character like Reinhardt who can help their teammates keep a position longer. Orisa’s protective abilities allow her teammates to push safely or stay on objectives longer if played right. We’ll have to wait if Blizzard changes Orisa’s Halt in the next patch. Stay updated with Overwatch news here on TheBitbag.

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