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Overwatch Orisa Release Time Hinted By Server Downtime

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Overwatch Orisa
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

The Overwatch live servers will go on a scheduled maintenance this coming March 21 for Orisa’s release on the live servers. Considering that Blizzard previously confirmed Orisa’s release on the 21st, it’s possible the new hero could be playable after the server downtime. The Overwatch Orisa update will happen simultaneously with other Battle.net game maintenances.

Upcoming General Battle.net Maintenance

According to BlizzardCS’ Twitter post, the Overwatch live server is scheduled to go on maintenance this coming March 21. The maintenance will begin on 7:00AM Pacific Time or 10:00AM Eastern Time. Other Blizzard Entertainment games like Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone will also go on maintenance tomorrow.

Overwatch Orisa

The 24th playable hero in Overwatch, Orisa, is announced to be on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One live servers after the March 21 maintenance. The new Overwatch character will play a similar role like Reinhardt who helps her teammates hold positions longer. Her skill kit allows her to deploy shields, cast a defensive buff on herself, and group enemies together with her secondary fire. Her ultimate allows her place a gadget that buffs her allies in a small area. However, her slow movement offsets her strong defensive strengths.

Simple Tank Hero

Overall, Orisa isn’t a complicated hero to bring out her strengths in matches. New Orisa players just need to mind good positioning and shield placement. Players will have to rely on Orisa’s strong defense potential and taking cover behind her shield to maximize her use. Orisa’s primary fire barely has recoil accuracy penalties, which make it accurate even when held during its rapid fire. Defend allies and shred enemies should be enough for Orisa beginners to stay relevant in battles.

Upcoming Heros

Another Overwatch hero, Doomfist, was mentioned during the Orisa reveals before her release. Apparently, Doomfist attacked the Numbani airport which explains the broken OR15 robots in the first offense spawn point. Additionally, actor Terry Crews has volunteered to voice the role, but Blizzard Entertainment has yet to confirm who they have casted. Potentially, the next Overwatch hero to be teased will be Doomfist.

Overwatch So Far

Season 4 of Overwatch’s competitive play has recently started. Orisa’s inclusion in the live servers means that the competitive play meta will change. Her strong defensive strengths has proven her to be a strong pick in matches. Overwatch test server matches almost always have Orisa picked on both player teams. For now, we’ll have to wait until the March 21 maintenance ends to finally try her out in the ranked ladders.

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