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Overwatch Orisa: Origin Story, Cosmetics, And Previous Leaks Point To Doomfist As Next Hero

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Overwatch Orisa
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment revealed the new Overwatch hero, Orisa, and her origin story. More than tying herself to Efi Oladele reveals, Orisa’s origin story also sets up Doomfist as the next playable Overwatch hero. Previous Overwatch leaks were also slightly on point about Orisa’s appearance in the game. Here’s what we know so far about the new Overwatch hero.


As seen in the Orisa Origins Story video, Efi Oladele improved one of the fallen OR15 units after Doomfist’s attack in the Numbani airport. Doomfist has completely obliterated the Numbani’s OR15 units and was considered ineffective after the incident. However, Oladele reprogrammed and upgraded one OR15 unit and named it Orisa. Orisa ends up doing her job to protect the people of Numbani, but she still has a long way to go in doing it effectively. Orisa is now playable in the Public Test Region, but her live server release has not yet been revealed.

Doomfist Setup

Orisa’s reveal events also pave the way for Doomfist coming in as a playable character. The previous Efi Oladele-related reveal was Doomfist’s attack on Numbani. After that in-game universe news report, the Public Test Realm’s Numbani map had two notable changes. Broken OR15 units were found on the first offense spawn area, and the Doomfist glove on the Numbani Payload is now missing. The Overwatch Orisa Origins story trailer confirmed that it really was Doomfist, which suggests that the character will be active in the game’s story canon.

Before the Orisa reveals, information on Doomfist was limited to a character mention in the first Overwatch trailer and the Numbani Doomfist Museum. More than a single character, the Doomfist gauntlet actually bestows the name on its wearer like a title. The Numbani Museum reveals that there are only two Doomfists so far, Savior Doomfist and Scourge Doomfist. Since the glove had been stolen, the third Doomfist is now at large. We’ll have to wait for Blizzard Entertainment’s next announcement about Doomfist and if Terry Crews is still connected to this character.

Leaks On-Point

Previously, a 4chan leak back in January revealed that Anchora, a quadruped robot, will be the next Overwatch hero and not Doomfist. Even though the name is different, Overwatch’s Orisa is definitely a four-legged Omnic and is the 24th playable hero. The leak also mentions Doomfist as the next Overwatch hero after Orisa.

The leak also correctly stated the nationality and class type of Orisa. “In order to balance out the tank roster, the game needs another tank that acts as an anchor,” the leaker said. “Anchora hails from Numbani, and has a West African accent.”


Some fans believe that Blizzard didn’t plan Orisa to be the game’s 24th hero. Orisa only has one voice line and one purple-rarity skin, leading fans to believe the character was rushed. It’s speculated that Blizzard delayed Doomfist after Terry Crews’ sudden interest to voice the character.

If the Overwatch leaks and rumors turn out to be true, the game’s 25th character may really be Doomfist. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on TheBitBag.

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