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Overwatch Orisa: New Hero Disabled For Competitive Play On Release

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Overwatch Orisa
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Overwatch Principal Designer Scott Mercer announced that Orisa is disabled on Competitive Play on her release this March 21. Players can use her on Quick Play, Arcade, and even on custom modes with competitive matchs settings. Here’s what we know so far about the Overwatch Orisa update.


According to Mercer’s post on the official Overwatch forums, Orisa will only be playable in ranked matches a week after she becomes available. Apparently, the developers want players to fully learn her quirks before using her in Competitive Play. This move is understandable considering the Overwatch test servers where Orisa is already playable isn’t available to most players.

Try Her Out First

Overwatch Orisa was first released in the Public Test Region for players to try her out early. Her skill kit and ultimate allows her to protect her teammates, help them set up for a good ultimate, and buff them with extra damage. Lastly, her primary weapon is reliable and accurate which makes Orisa a strong and simple hero to play.

However, her great strength and utility to a team almost always secured her a pick in both Offense and Defense teams. Players would almost always contest picking her in the test servers which means not everybody can use her in PvP matches consecutively. Playing Orisa wasn’t always possible before her inclusion in the live servers.

No Competitive Play Orisa

Due to her stellar performance in the test server matches, Orisa will be a staple pick in Competitive Play team compositions. Despite her strong potential, inexperienced users may be incapable of using her effectively and potentially ruin matches with team in-fighting. The developers may want to avoid this issue by disabling her on Overwatch’s ranked game mode.

Overwatch so far

Overwatch Orisa is slated to be released this March 21. Her role is similar to Reinhardt where she helps her teammates to last longer in key positions with her abilities. However, Orisa’s overall utility is too strong that teams can rely on her to advance or defend points efficiently. Once Orisa is playable in Competitive Play, players will be seeing her a lot in team compositions.

Meanwhile, fans are expecting that the next Overwatch hero will be Doomfist. The next Overwatch event is currently unknown, but the developers have long confirmed that there will be no Easter Overwatch event. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on TheBitBag.

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