Overwatch Open: Team List And Who To Root For

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Blizzard has started the Overwatch Open on Sepember 25, and it will kick off its Grand Finals on September 30. Fans may have missed the first few brackets, but here?s your chance to catch up and watch the professionals play. At best, watching the tournament may teach you new tech for competitive play and help you decide which teams to root for.

Overwatch Open

As seen on the official Overwatch tweet, there are eight teams for both the American and European regions of competitive Overwatch. Players can observe the Overwatch Open?s schedules through its official site or the official Overwatch Open livestreams. You may learn new Overwatch tricks and even decide on which team to root for future Overwatch eSports tournaments.

eSports ?Regulars

Mostly, the Rosters for both the US and Europe regions have eSports team brands from other games like MOBAs. Splyce, Cloud 9, Misfits, Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Dignitas have been known to make an appearance in competitive League of Legends. Meanwhile, Team Liquid and Immortals have made their name through Dota 2. On the other hand, Counter Strike?s Luminosity Gaming, Call of Duty?s FaZe Clan, and former Fnatic Battlefield team REUNITED could be good contenders due to their experience. Players may expect these teams to do good as they?re competing for business.

Overwatch Heroes

Big names seem to make up the majority of this Overwatch Open. However, fans shouldn?t discredit the rise of other teams. Rogue and Team EnVyUs were known to be good teams in the previous Overwatch Atlantic Showdown which took place this year. NRG could be a fan favorite as it has Seagull, a famous streamer and Genji player, in their team. Meanwhile, ANOX ?is a Russian Overwatch team with not much known achievements yet.

These teams will fight in their own regions until September 30. Players can watch their matches to learn something new or enjoy Overwatch?s budding eSport scene. Additionally, watching this tournament could sharpen a player?s appraisal of match plays in the upcoming Overwatch World Cup.

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