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Overwatch News: Several Character Nerfs, Sombra Buffed & Emojis Updated

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In the latest Overwatch news, it looks like Blizzard’s development team is already working hard to push out another update this 2017. Testing has begun for a future Overwatch update. The latest Overwatch update buffs Sombra, nerfs several characters, and fixes known issues on the recently opened Oasis map.

Public Test

The new changes to be put in the next Overwatch update are currently ongoing in the Public Test Region. The changes being tested out are expected to arrive on all versions of Overwatch very soon.

As for class balancing, several characters will be receiving nerfs. Ana will be nerfed by reducing her Biotic Grenade’s healing boost by half. The problem with its current state is that its healing is just too effective.

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After much public outcry, Roadhog’s hook ability is finally getting nerfed. Roadhog will no longer be able to hook enemies through walls in the upcoming update.

D.Va will be receiving a nerf to both her offense and defense potential. Her buller damage is getting reduced from 3 to 2 while her 400 armor is reduced to 200. However, D.Va is also receiving adequate boosts to compensate for the loss. Her health will be increased and her rate of fire will also be increased.

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Finally, Sombra will be receiving a speed buff. Sombra’s hack will now only take 0.8 seconds to work on her enemies, instead of a full second.


The emojis promised in Blizzard’s 2017 plans are finally coming out in the new update. Players will now soon be able to equip sprays, voice lines, and four emotes.

Finally, the latest Oasis map is set for some much needed maintenance. The game map currently has a number of bugs and issues that have been disruptive during matches. Some issues are minor such as breakable objects being resistant to melee attacks, while some characters, such as Widowmaker, are able to reach unintended locations are game breaking. All these problems have been looked at by the team and are set to be corrected in the upcoming update.

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