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Overwatch News: 5 Features To Make The Game Better

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Overwatch News

Overwatch is already one of the best games of all time, but it is still far from perfect. The game has a great developer and there is still more than enough time to make this great game even better. So today in Overwatch news, we?ll be listing out 5 features that will make the game so much better.

Replaying Match History

We need a match replay history! We really want this, so this is a big need!

And it?s still quite jarring that we don?t even have this on Overwatch. So many other games have this built in their game. Being able to look back on your greatest matches is just phenomenal.

There?s more than enough reason to have this feature in the game, and barely any reason to not have it. Come on Blizzard, make this happen.

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Overwatch News: Reporting Confirmation

Overwatch already has a reporting system in place. And it has already seen some improvements over time. But it still isn?t that great.

The problem is the fact that you don?t really know if the wrong doers you?ve reported have been dealt with or not. Overwatch simply needs to put in a report confirmation message in the game.

This lets us all know if that toxic guy you hate has been dealt with or not. This also save you the time and trouble of stalking the person on social media just to find out if justice has been served or not.

Spectator Mode

Overwatch doesn?t exactly need a spectator mode, but if would be a great addition. Some people just love watching other people play, this explains the advent of live streaming and Twitch. Adding a dedicated spectator mode to Overwatch invites the community to be immersed in the game longer even when they aren?t taking part in the match themselves.

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A tab scoreboard is already a staple for any modern day shooter or MOBA game. Heck, plenty of old games have this feature. For some reason, Overwatch has opted to hold back on this.

This tab-scoreboard feature would be great for a team based strategy shooter like Overwatch. Being able to see vital info on your teammates, enemies, and general match stats in real time will help players change their strategies as the match evolves.


Since the start, players leaving matches have been a big problem in the game. People leaving mid-match is always a fast way to ruin a great match instantly.

One way to alleviate the pain of staying in a match even when your opponents leave is to be compensated for it. This will not only help cheer up the ones who decide to push on through to the end, but would give those who leave more incentive to stay in a match.

And those are 5 features we believe will make Overwatch an even better game. Hopefully someone from Blizzard picks up this article and includes some if not of all these features in the next patch update. Till then, we?ll keep on hoping.

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