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Overwatch: Skin, Map Details Surface Via Livestream

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It?s been only a?few hours since Overwatch released their animated short film, The Last Bastion. Today they also revealed their Skins and Map Details on their Livestream. Blizzard used Overwatch Livestream at Gamescom 2016 in order to reveal the information.

Gamescom featured a lot of upcoming games on their event, it was also revealed the newest map of Overwatch, the Eichenwalde. There wasn?t any release date announced but there has been an estimate as to when will it be released.

There was also a new Legendary skin for Reinhardt that is inspired by the new map. The short film that features Bastion, will take place near Eichenwalde, the upcoming map. There is a massive battle between the German military and the Omnics.

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Balderich von Alder, mentor to Reinhardt was leading the group called Crusaders. However, they are defeated. The mission objective of the new map will be to collect Balderich von Alder?s armor. The armor is very famous and wanted by many. The armor will be Reinhardt?s DLC-skin.

There is no exact release date announced, but rumors suggest that it will take a week or two for the new map to be released. It is likely to be available on sometime?on September.

Overwatch will also be having an official event, the Summer Games. It is a competitive play much like DoTA 2 and CS:GO. The second season will begin next month. Blizzard is giving their fans a lot of content and more is on the way.

Blizzard has received a lot of praise and positive reviews from their fans. And up to now players has been very supportive of the company. The convention has a few more days, the gamers will still have more time to witness what Blizzard will announce for the game, Overwatch.

Overwatch is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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