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Overwatch’s New Map Is Now Online On PTR, With Dark Souls Easter-Egg

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Overwatch has released its newest map, the Eichenwalde. It is now available on the public test servers. It?s located in a village next to the German Castle. It was revealed at Gamescom, it has some sort of medieval looks. It is now available on PC that can be played on PTR servers.

The map has a series of corridors upon corridors of different sizes, but mostly tight. Fast-paced gunfights happen everywhere and often ends very quickly. The map features escort and assault gameplay.

One team of players must protect and deliver the battering ram safely to the castle, while the other team aims to defend the castle. The map has a lot of places for a sniping point making it easier for snipers to hold down the enemy team.

If the other team made it through the castle, a mass showdown of ult?s will commence. However, there is a little downside when it comes to the attacking team. When the attackers get killed, they will need to go back to where they came from in order to return to battle.

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The defenders, on the other hand, will land right back into the fight, whenever they die. Of course, there will be a huge number of deaths and the defenders will have the edge, when it comes to spawn points.

Ledges are also proved to be quite dangerous, players must keep an eye on the ledges in order to avoid falling.

Overwatch featured a Dark Souls easter egg that can be found inside this new map. It can be found inside a room that is hidden on the opposite side of the entrance. It is a small room that has a Dark Souls bonfire with sword struck above the ash

The room also features a beautiful painting along with a health pack. Reinhardt?s new skin will also be playable?on the public test server.

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