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Overwatch New Hero: Torbjorn’s Cat With A Jetpack Eyed By Blizzard

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Torbjorn In Overwatch
Torbjorn In Action On Overwatch [Image Courtesy Of Overwatch Website]

Players of Blizzard’s hit shooter are in for big things on the game’s anniversary as the developer could be adding a lot of new content to celebrate the event. Players are expecting a new map, a new event, and most especially, a new character. When it comes to the game’s agents, a future Overwatch character could come in a very unexpected shape

The next Overwatch character to release is rumored to be Doomfist. After Doomfist, there are two other rumored characters releasing this year who are Ivon and Brio. These three upcoming characters aren’t definitely the last of Blizzard’s long term plans for the game as there could be more heroes coming.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu teased a pretty weird character that could be added into the Overwatch roster in the future. “I’ve actually been thinking a lot about jetpack cat since Jeff mentioned the hero a while back. I wasn’t on the team when the original concept happened, but I’ve been thinking that Torbjorn has a particularly interesting cat, and who knows what stuff Torbjorn has lying around…,” says Chu.

The Overwatch community was riled up about the idea of having Torbjorn’s car as a playable character in the game. While it may seem like a pretty out of place character, Torbjorn’s engineering skills are unparalleled in the lore of the game so whatever piece of equipment the cat got is probably enough firepower to take care of the other characters.

This isn’t the first time that a cat character for the game was mentioned. In an interview with Gamespot, game director Jeff Kaplan shares a story of how a cat hero was being developed for the game. However, the developers felt that they were pushing the game’s boundaries too far with the character and the idea was eventually scrapped.

Seeing Chu’s interest in the cat character rekindled the community’s longing to see the cat character in the game. Many are now hoping that Blizzard digs up their plans for the character and add it in the future.

If Blizzard does plan on finally bringing the cat hero to the game, we shouldn’t expect it this year as if the leaks are true, then Blizzard already has a jam-packed hero lineup for 2017 ready.

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