Overwatch New Hero Ana: Skills And Abilities Detailed In New Update

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Overwatch New Hero

Despite teasing the new Overwatch hero Hero on Twitter and at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con 2016, Ana has been revealed as the next character in Blizzard?s First Person Shooter. The new Overwatch hero, Ana Amari, is Pharah?s mother and wields the ?prototype biotic sniper rifle? as teased last July 6. Additionally, Ana?s reveal also features her skills and abilities as well as her playable build in the game?s test servers. Here?s the official trailer showing her moves and skills.

Along with Hanzo and Widowmaker, the game receives another sniper character and is the first post release character addition. As seen in the trailer, Ana is a Support Sniper character with rifle fire who could damage foes and also heal her allies by firing medical shots. The new Overwatch ?hero?s skills can heal, debuff, and even cause sleep to foes. Similar to her veteran former camrades, Soldier 76 and Reaper, Ana also has her younger version and even the rumored ?Sombra? appearance as one of her skins as seen in FuzzleHC?s video below.

Her hero page on the official Overwatch site lists her skills with descriptions to go with it. Her ?Biotic Rifle? weapon passive allows her shots to deal damage per second to foes and shooting allies can heal them. Like most traditional snipers in a First Person Shooter, she is able to use her rifle?s scope to improve her accuracy on shots.

Meanwhile, she has a Biotic Grenade that reduces healing and damages foes. This grenade amplifies healing received and briefly heals allies.

Ana also has a Sleep Dart that inflicts Sleep status to a single foe. Foes can?t make other actions while asleep but will wake up once they take damage.

Lastly, her ultimate, Nano Boost, buffs one ally to have increased movement speed, improved damage and defenses during its duration. So far, Ana?s skill kit focuses on helping allies rather than killing foes outright. Her viability in the current build of the game isn?t sure yet as she?s still only playable in the game?s test server.

Despite the Overwatch New Hero teases on Twitter and appearance on the San Diego Comic Con, Ana?s release was way ahead and may have surprised some fans. Implementing a new playable hero in middle of a running Competitive Play season may cause balancing problems. Ana?s official release might be available publicly during the two-week season break promised after the first Summer Competitive Play Season.

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