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Overwatch Mobile: Chinese Knock-Off Features Sephiroth, Kung Fu Panda, And More Characters

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An Overwatch Mobile Title That Is Actually A Knock-Off
Hero Mission – A Chinese Knock-Off Of Overwatch [Image Captured From Hero Mission Trailer

There’s no doubting that Blizzard’s Overwatch is one of the fastest rising games when it comes to popularity. Even before it launched, the game already has a cult following and to this date, countless players flood the servers each day. Overwatch’s popularity also harms its developers as well though as a few developers use the title for their own profit. In China, a few developers managed to create what looks to be an Overwatch mobile title.

A Chinese mobile game titled Hero Mission isn’t too shy in flaunting the similarities it shares with Blizzard’s shooter. The title is what many believe to be an Overwatch Mobile game shares a ton of similarities with the real Overwatch including characters, game modes and so much more.

The Overwatch community over at NeoGAF is currently mocking most of the characters in the game. The game has a female version of McCree, Soldier: 9572, and several others that are obviously modeled after the Overwatch agents. The roster of Hero Mission gets wackier though as the developer managed to add in a few familiar faces to the game.

If players look at the roster of Hero Mission over at the game’s official website, some of the characters are easily identifiable. Sephiroth, Immortan Joe, a Stormtrooper from Star Wars, and Po from Kung Fu Panda are all part of the title. 

When it comes to gameplay though, everything just says Overwatch aside from the visuals. This is intended to be an Overwatch mobile game though so it’s no surprise that there’s a huge downgrade in graphics. Players have access to Overwatch modes in the title like Payload.

Perhaps the highlight of the game though remains on the roster as it’s a source of both laughs and astonishment from the community. The entire mobile title is a lawsuit waiting to happen and oddly enough, Blizzard hasn’t take any action with regards to the title and it’s slowly gaining popularity.

This isn’t the first time Blizzard’s Overwatch was made as a big inspiration for a title. Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins: Heroes of the Realm, was criticized for sharing a ton of similarities with Overwatch as well. Aside from the gameplay, the title also had characters that were very similar to Overwatch agents, but with a different name and appearance.

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